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Default Re: darji2 waypoints - 25-04-2008

Hi Tom, the one way node problem near the lids is now fixed. I did update the link with the new code.

I changed the steal actions to roams again. It seems the bots are quite responsive now and still will attempt to grab the flags, they seem more organized. Have a look let me know what you think.

With this version I placed action 73 in comments beneath the EOF. If you want to see the steal actions, use the hobbit's tool change actions 1-7 and 11-17 from roam to steal and uncomment action 73 from the .aiscript file and move it above the EOF.

I also fixed the fake constructs there were leftovers for the construct level that will mess up the map during gameplay. I removed those it could have something to do with the G_Spawn entities issue, I no longer see it.

There are few things I do not understand with the nodes themselves. The first is when the bots go through the teleports. I placed nodes behind so they get redirected to the destination. These are one way nodes. Seems after going through the teleport the bots will still attempt to reach the previous node for a second or so. But it's not the same with cases where they're misplaced and spin around. They jump once or so and then they continue. The radius of nodes behind the teleports should be large enough so they wouldn't need to reach the back node.

Another issue with nodes again is sometimes bots will spin around the upper level between the 2 main elevators for no reason. Like they're trying to reach something on the level below. I checked all nodes there I see no connections. I believe this is happening for both teams so I doubt I have some extra connections that are invisible. I checked the the waypoint tool and in the map I see nothing wrong.

Finally I dispersed the various actions into classes for bots to follow so they will not always concentrate around the CP but utilize other areas of the map.

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