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Default Re: Working on a game... - 04-04-2007

The good news: I had collisions with terrain working, and was starting to work on resolving what to do. The bad news - it got wiped, so I pretty much well have to start over. Along with any other changes I made along the way. Trying to recover, but it doesn't look good.

-- The irony was that I lost it while trying to back it up. Last "redundant" (ha!) backup was from a couple weeks back, just finished updating some rendering changes I'd made.

-- Additional, been playing Republic Commando, and that has some great teamwork A.I built into it. What does everyone else think, do they enjoy games with that level of a team feeling?

-- Small nudge, still here, been revamping terrain (again). Now supports a form of virtualised texture (8192x8192 unique texture), some small fixes required. Don't post much as nobody other than I is discussing!

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