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Re: Front Line Force - best bot for this mod?
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Default Re: Front Line Force - best bot for this mod? - 01-10-2014

Just for the record. OddBot 1.8.1 (non metamod version) works with FLF v1.2 / HL

Also works with FLF v1.7
In v1.8 Omega changed FLF to fit with Steam. That's where the game starts crashing because the bot's programming might not fit fit some essentials anymore.

Oddbot is an improved HPB Bot with better wayfinding. So I'd say the best bot experience you can have today is FLF v1.7 with Oddbot 1.8.1. If you want to go with FLF v1.8b you have to take HPB Bot 3.0 as 4.0 and 4.0.4 unfortunately crashed my game. The higher FLF Versions are v1.9 and v2.0 with v1.9 being a repack from Omega Long after v2.0 was released. He said 2.0 was a big failure and implemented a lot of bad ideas. That's why he repacked v1.9 to release the "best last" Version of FLF. I still stick with v1.8b because it's that oldschool Version, but v1.9 might be worth a try as well. 2.0 almost vanished from the Internet and is considered the end of FLF golden times.

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