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Re: Latest Version of E[POD]bot
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Default Re: Latest Version of E[POD]bot - 12-08-2005

Oldest version! Scrool down to find the latest!

E[POD]bot v5beta

  • FIXED: Again some changes in to the bots buying.
  • FIXED: The bots now will the A* pathfinding that will improve the movements of the bots(A* has been disabled in EPB for some unknown reason).
  • FIXED: The bots will use much more often the HE grenades if they have.
  • FIXED: Improved the aiming of the bots(but still botaim2 is not implented).
  • FIXED: Some changes in to the waypoint editor(the waypointers will suspect them.
  • FIXED: Fixed the problems with the hitboxes.
  • FIXED: If the bomb is droped the T bots will start search it.
  • FIXED: Some other mirror fixes(I don't remember).
  • FIXED: Fixed the CS 1.6 support sinse the new Steam update(Thanks to sPlOrYgOn).
  • ADDED: Full Metamod support(big thanks to Whistler).
  • ADDED: Full CS:CZ support.
  • REMOVED: Linux support(because it's not work).
WARNING : After you install E[POD]bot you must first reconfigurate the file 'EPBcfg.exe" and choose the languarge that you want else the menus will not be displayed correctly.

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