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1.6 CS HLDS bots with client-side menu?
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Default 1.6 CS HLDS bots with client-side menu? - 19-07-2004

Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times, but I've looked all over, and come up blank.

I'm looking for a bot to run on my new 1.6 CS HLDS server. All I really want are some bots to fill slots when not enough people are playing. And it would be nice to occasionally have "botfests" (16 bots v. 3 to 7 humans).

But here's the kicker: I need a menu which allows my admins to control the bots (add, remove, slay, set skill, set auto-add threshold, etc.). I'm trying not to avoid mEAn, as I have tons of metamod plugins running and I don't need yet another full-fledged management system. All I want is a simple menu, even if it something like a clanmod add-in, for adding/kicking/slaying bots.

Although the bots were a bit dumb, good old PLBot fit the bill perfectly in 1.5. But it won't work under 1.6. So the good news is I get to use a mod with a better AI (I hope). The bad news is... I can't find one which also has a menu.

Any ideas?
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