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Re: Suicidal tendencies of the Botmanīs BOT#1o
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Default Re: Suicidal tendencies of the Botmanīs BOT#1o - 02-04-2014

Sorry there's a bug in the code


BOOL CBot::BotChecFloor( void )
   Vector v_src, v_fwd;
   TraceResult tr;

   v_src = pev->origin;
   v_fwd = pev->velocity;

   v_fwd.z = v_fwd.z - 50.0f;

   UTIL_TraceLine( v_src, v_src + v_fwd, dont_ignore_monsters, ENT(pev), &tr);

   // check if the trace hit something...
   if (tr.flFraction < 1.0)
      if (f_wall_down = 1)
         f_wall_down = gpGlobals->time;

      return TRUE;

   return FALSE;
Note it should be v_src + v_fwd in UTIL_TraceLine

Ps:You'll need to show me the decision the bot takes after you call this function

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