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Re: Suicidal tendencies of the Botmanīs BOT#1o
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Default Re: Suicidal tendencies of the Botmanīs BOT#1o - 26-03-2014

Hi!. No, I donīt use waypoints. Bot#10 uses a navigation system without nodes or waypoints. This function is called inside BotThink function, where itīs used to check if thereīs a wall or, in this case, floor with which interact.

In theory, the bot stops its movement if it find a wall in a certain degree based on its line of sight. For the floor, as you can see, Iīm quite lost.

Aniway, would it be a better approach to make it avoid a dangerous func_x like a trigger_hurt?, I am now studying how to code it (Iīm totally noob at this ), but any help will be much appreciated

Thanks for replying!!
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