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Default Re: Wannabe bot author - 16-04-2012

Ah yes, that would be a good start wouldn't it? My bad!

I've got all the sources, but I'm having trouble getting my libraries linked up. It looks like it's having trouble finding the winsock library, as when I attempt to compile Q2map for example, I get a "undefined reference to `WSAStartup@8'" error, along with a load of other similar errors referring to WSA commands.

I'm using Eclipse Helios for C/C++ developers, and my CPP and header files are located in my documents/workspace/C++/Q2map/src

The source file has a quick "#include winsock.h" at the beginning (winsock.h has angled brackets around it, but the message board doesn't like it when I post it with them), but no other reference. I'm assuming there's something I'm missing, any ideas? Sorry, but I've not worked with winsock applications before...

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