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Re: need help with epodbot
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Post Re: need help with epodbot - 22-05-2011

Hello there

i have a problem as well and i was wandering if anyone can help me

basically i downloaded epodbot 5.3 and installed it , but when i tried to make a server it used to say " starting dedicated server " all day then i found a fix by kwo
so i installed it and now i can start my server and play but after approximatly 20 the server crashes and it says to send an error report i clicked details and it says Modname : epb.dll
and also i am not able to access the epb menu i have tried accessing it using epb_botmenu but it says command is not recognized
can someone please help with this issue of crashing and the menu not working

anyhelp on fixing these issues would we most appreciated



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