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Re: So whatever happened to the Nuclearbox?
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Default Re: So whatever happened to the Nuclearbox? - 14-11-2007

Originally Posted by Count Floyd (4real) View Post
In between both of my parents got very sick and I was quickly running out of money almost becoming homeless & living from social security. The past 4 years (is it really that long before?) I've been recovering and had lots of good times too when I met my current girlfriend and quit all the game biz stuff. Since then I became a (boring?) software engineer programming e-government software in C# & which is more fun than you might believe.
Hello there Markus, damn nice to see you are back in bot territory! Sorry to hear about your parents, and your problems, but I am glad you are recovering!

Originally Posted by Count Floyd (4real) View Post
Every now & then I even extended my FPS AI Engine which I'm still working on after these years, just doing this for the fun of it and of course because I believe that a lot of nowadays bots are still as dumb as 1 century ago Just ask me what I implemented so far to fill up a huge feature list, hehe...
I am sure it roxors your boxors

Originally Posted by Count Floyd (4real) View Post
Well, so much about me...what are you guys up to nowadays ?
What I read is that:
Johannes (still rowing along in Finland?)
Pierre (creating his own company with his bros?)
Stefan (being a software engineer ?)
William (still being Consultant?)
And I'm still living in Delsbo, Sweden, drinking MUCH coffee, and many beers of course, but not at the same time! And listening to good old bluesmusic! Have studied to be a "optical fiber technician" (damn, haven't a good english translation, and I guess you haven't learn swedish yet? ) and I just quit a job at Ericsson Network Technologies where I worked with optical fiber (or fibre) for fast broadband, so I'm now looking for a new job.

Originally Posted by Count Floyd (4real) View Post
PS: Just had quite a funny feeling in my stomach posting this, 1st time sinc e 5 or 6 years ? Damn...I'm still bad at social networking!
Same here, I will dedicate my next cup of coffee to all great people I've met a Nuclearbox! I really miss those days, so it's time for Bots United to change name to Nuclearbox 2 or something Nice to see that some of us getting together here!

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