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Weres the love
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Default Weres the love - 24-05-2011

Hey guys

simple weres the love, i havnt seen many counter strike bot releases or news in years, bots were a big thing back in 1.5 and 1.6 but i guess now with inbuilt bots people just use them

But it had such great potentiol

i just think the problem was the targetted community, bots were more or less aimed at general players or players without internet, that was a mistake

And yes ill probably get the comment "go do it yourself then" i dont have the knowhow to do this. but i have the idea's and ive been in the cs scene for long enough to know what people want

Ive played at the high levels of australian fps gaming

Anyway back ontopic. The big mistake was NOT targetting the clan and competitive community of cs/counter strike source

Bots could have had massive use in the clan community and still can, especially for new comming teams into the scene who dont want to take on competitive teams that kick there ass 24/7

It would be great to have a bot that can play like a team. and you would think with the tools available today it would be very possable to create.

They dont need to be Extremely smart or amazing. they just need to know how to hold a site. rotate. and play somewhat smart. or perform a strategy.

Watch some demo's bot developers to get an idea of how teams play against each other and code the bots to follow these actions and movements

Heres my list of what bots should do

- Hold positions on ct in certain sites
- make use of grenades
- rotate when the Terrorist team rushs a site
- Not rush all the time - even with bots on hard, bots just constantly rush
- change it up - change there strategy/hold positions each round
- A Small menu that enables players to choose strategic plays/practices etc
- Capable of timed actions, when rushing in a site, using flashs as a team or grenades
- have semi decent aim but not bullshit aim either, like ZBot that dont prefire you

All of this is possable with css today. its just finding the coders/developers capable of doing it

and every competitive player knows that if a bot like this was released it would be huge and one of the most widely use cs mods/addons ever used because it would allow competitive gamers to truely practice strategys without concern or risk of loosing a competition

- Peace out
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