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Re: How to Install IvPBot?
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Default Re: How to Install IvPBot? - 02-07-2004

1- When I'm changing the liblist.gam file to "Read Only", do I check-off the "Archive" box?
I didn't bother with the read only or archive box.

2- What is a CVAR?
There are a lot of documents that tell you how they work. google CVAR Counter-Strike.
I did not need to set any to get ivpodbot working.

3- Do you need Metamod or Admin Mod to work the bots in a local game server?
ivpodbot is a metamod plugin so needs metamod to work.

4- How do the commands work? Do you press + to bring up the menu like the basic POD?
I never got the pod bot menu to work!
I used console for a lot of commands and added my own most used commands to the userconfig.cfg

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