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Re: PMB regards to releases n docs
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Default Re: PMB regards to releases n docs - 08-05-2004

hehe dual post...delete would be handy now

anyways was wondering 2.6 mm was any off this removed?
imaborg on|off

Let's the Bot AI take care about the (Host) Player. Doesn't work perfectly yet, use with
caution !

newmap mapname

Substitution for the "map" command you're used to. Loads a new map.
This will work 100% with Bots and no client shouldl get disconnected.

There are also some additional Fun-Modes which can be activated with these commands:

omg imonmars

Halfs the normal CS Gravity, meaning you can jump a lot higher than normally and you don't get much damage when falling. Try this if you like John Woo Movies !

omg imhaunted

Bots are a bit translucent, making them look like ghosts and they are much harder to

omg itstoodark

Every Bot has a bright lightsource Aura. Quite useful on very dark maps to spot Bots easier.

omg itsnewyear

Bots celebrate New Year !

omg tronisback

Adds a shiny hull over each Player which reminded me of the old movie "Tron". T Bots are Red, CT Bots are blue.

omg imstoned

You don't want to know...

omg imsober

Turns off all Fun-Modes.


These Fun Modes weren't fully tested out by me and it might be that this or that isn't working properly with them. They are just leftovers of my HL Engine tests and were left in to give you (hopefully) a good laugh. If something doesn't work with them I honestly don't care that much.

and will any chats work with podbot 2.6?

If you want to use translated versions of the Botchat, these files are available
right now:

  • BotChat.txt (default english version)
  • BotChatBulgarian.txt
  • BotChatCroatian.txt
  • BotChatCzech.txt
  • BotChatDanish.txt
  • BotChatDutch.txt
  • BotChatEnglish.txt
  • BotChatFinnish.txt
  • BotChatFrench.txt
  • BotChatGerman.txt
  • BotChatHungarian.txt
  • BotChatIceland.txt
  • BotChatIndonesian.txt
  • BotChatItalian.txt
  • BotChatNorwegian.txt
  • BotChatPolish.txt
  • BotChatPortuguese.txt
  • BotChatRomanian.txt
  • BotChatRussian.txt
  • BotChatSerbian.txt
  • BotChatSpanish.txt
  • BotChatSwedish.txt
  • BotChatTagalog.txt
  • BotChatTurkish.txt
all located in the Podbot\Botchats Folder where you installed the Bot. Rename and copy one of these to "botchat.txt" in the main podbot folder to have your localized Bot Talk...
Note that the translated versions (except the german & english ones) don't use the new Text replacements and the dynamic keyword chat is still in english language.

i'm guessing they will.....

i need to find a podbot 2.5 installer :s n script to make it choosable which to load

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