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Re: United Bot philosophy and roadmap.
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Default Re: United Bot philosophy and roadmap. - 08-04-2004

You have to remember that the reaction times of a bot are in the 1/100 (0.01) of a second at best, which is *very* slow for a modern day desktop computer. We can probably get away with reaction times in 1/10 of a second range.
Ok, this might sound a bit stupid, but surely we want bots to be as fast as possible, i understand that using I/O may be the only solution, but maybe we should find a way to let a plugin decide what the best way to do it is..

The engine would have all the avaliable options avalaible, then the plugin decide which one to use? Making it more 'game specific'. and unless you want to hinder bot performance over all games, this is the only solution that i can think of which will happily work for all.