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Re: United Bot philosophy and roadmap.
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Default Re: United Bot philosophy and roadmap. - 07-04-2004

Are you nuts ???
Absolutely! Next question please.

Disk I/O access times absolutely prohibit this method.although..... Extension to Crazy idea #1: what about setting up a tiny RAM drive just for this ?
edit* sounds barbaric, though... the system will still need to allocate/deallocate millions of file descriptors per second... O joy...
RAM disk? This is great, some more lunacy!

Perhaps such a thing is too OS dependant and complex for people to set up. The large amount of RAM allocated for disk caching these days probably makes it redundant anyway.

Yes, using disk I/O is *very* inefficient, but who cares so long as it is fast enough for what we need it to do. The current method we use to make our plugins is also silly and ineffiecient, but it still works.

What's with the disk I/O?
Just use ReadProcessMemory and WriteProcessMemory on an address you allocate inside the game.

Just use file i/o once to define where the memory is located.
You are right and I did think of this, but the problem is that most of the game scripts probably cannot allocate memory and return an address for us to pass on. I'm not 100% sure about what a typical game scripting language is capable of, but someone like botman may be able to answer this one for us.

More ideas ...

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