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Re: United Bot philosophy and roadmap.
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Default Re: United Bot philosophy and roadmap. - 06-04-2004

Originally Posted by botmeister
Crazy idea #1

Create an interface between game engine and the external C++ driver using a shared file. This may be slow, but it could work provided the game engine provides the means to write code that allows files to be read/written to.
Are you nuts ??? 8o
Disk I/O access times absolutely prohibit this method.

although..... Extension to Crazy idea #1: what about setting up a tiny RAM drive just for this ?

*edit* sounds barbaric, though... the system will still need to allocate/deallocate millions of file descriptors per second... O joy...

@botman and botmeister: I agree, we should take this to a dedicated forum. Already 2 Council members agreeing here. One more and the idea is validated.

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