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Originally Posted by RoboCop View Post
Well yes thanks to a bit of hint from Arkshine, he told me to test and engage GDB Debug mode is simply using this in the Terminal "$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=".:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" gdb ./hlds_linux"

Then type this in Terminal but don't use "./hlds_run", use "run -game gearbox -ip xx.xx.xx.xx +port 27015 +map op4_bootcamp +exec server.cfg -debug"

You can backtrace or get a full error crash log by typing "bt" as well rerunning the server using "run" (Nothing further as GDB stored the Startup Variables once after GDB is exited by typing "quit")

And "How about v0.4?" you say? Well I just did the tests and they don't seem to instantly crash as much as v0.4.1 did...
Okay, so v0.4 Half-Life is okay and v0.4 Opposing Force crashes in the waypoint code, and v0.4.1 Half-Life crashes only with MetaMod and v0.4.1 Opposing Force crashes due to undefined symbol. Lots going on.

I've got part of the way to debugging minidumps on Linux - I'll probably continue down this path (I do other Half-Life modding so I'll need to figure it out sooner or later). I might crank up the gcc warnings and see what I get.
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