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Default Re: Hl2 Sdk? - 11-03-2008

Originally Posted by MarD View Post
There's a new beta SDK update available.. just go into settings, and select the beta for it.. maybe hit report bug and talk about the probs?
I currently don't have an online account @ home - why do think I'd like to have Bots in first place ?

I know there's a prob where the bot's physics don't update correctly all the time in HL2DM which causes the secondary attack of the ar2 to not always register, same with the physics items tossed via the grav gun..
and there's the prob where bots can't read ammo counts in supply and in the weapon.
Read about those issues. At least the ammo counts etc. could be "hacked" by using signatures etc.

Also, I believe they didn't release any of the interfacing code to use the built in navmesh with third party bots.
Are you sure there's always a navmesh generated ? I'd think this is only true for MODs where you can enable the CS:S Bots. It doesn't matter anyway since I've got my own navmesh code. There's not a lot I'd have to do for plugging the Bots into TF2, mostly just hacks to workaround the issues you mentioned and just writing the wrapper for my Interface.
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