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Default Re: Podbot: Reborn - 22-12-2007

Originally Posted by Count Floyd View Post
Of course there are some problems too:
- Auto-generating, or better "tagging" interaction objects like elevators proved to be very painfull and isn't thought to the end yet.
Take a look at these demos:

If You like the bots behavior when they are using lifts in those demos, You can take a look at my poor code in podbot mm. Maybe it will help You to find some good way to solve problem with lifts in Your new bot's code. But I don't know if it's whole possible for bots to use the lift if they don't have any path defined they should pass there - to at least to start to look for the lift in some area. If there are just waypoints and the path is defined - they are forced to look in some situations for the lift (that's why it works in those demos above).
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