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Re: Podbot Beta 3.0 Updates? ^^
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Default Re: Podbot Beta 3.0 Updates? ^^ - 23-05-2006

Originally Posted by Spiffyguy01
Is there a specific metamod version required for the beta? I am using 1.18p26 with AMXX 1.6 and podbot_mm version R2b46d.
Yes - for the latest beta You need to use metamod 1.19/1.19p28. I would reccomend AMX X 1.71 (this is the correct number of the latest version of AMX X) - works much better and has less bugs than 1.60. Some useres also noticed better stability. You can try to use the All-In-One beta - it contains everything You need - mm 1.19, pb V3 beta, AMX X 1.71 with such plugins as ChickenMod, CSDM 1.70.30x, ATAC (some of the most frequently used AMX X plugins). You just need to unzip evrything to Your ...\cstrike or ...\czero folder (according to the mod You are playing). Let overwrite all files. But backup first Your current AMX X 1.60. To get working plugins they were working for older version 1.60 it's always recommended to recompile sma files with the latest AMX X (I mean if You have there some 3'th party custom plugins).

Originally Posted by Spiffyguy01
Edit: Also I noticed in the new podbot.cfg there is no collectexperience line. Is this no longer used?
The collecting experience is always on since V3 (well it was so also in some R2B4x version, but the cfg file wasn't updated to remove that line). So collecting experience is still used, but the possibility to switching it off is no longer used.
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