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thanks to BU
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Default thanks to BU - 21-08-2005

I've done (better to say just started) a bot for Joint Operations (nothing to do with HL games), and the stuff on this site were very helpful. I've used no code, but the concepts (A*, autowaypointing) i could nicely adopt.
I'm into higher stuff now, like commanding, squads, vehicles, and evasion-logic.

I have an idea on using A* node-costs for making bots evade players. I record when a player makes a kill, and where was the player and the killed enemy standing at that time. The next time when the player steps on a node, i temporarily rise the costs of all the affected nodes, so bots will evade those nodes. The JO game is much different from HL, but have someone done such a juggling with the node-costs? Have it worked?
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