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Default Re: Navigation using AABB - 01-05-2017

Originally Posted by The Storm View Post
What an ugly creature.
Btw the bot is still only using the shortest path possible without considering the whole block area that can lead him the the final destination. What algorithm are you using for path finding?
You're right, at the moment the bot is using just basic A*, with some weighting used for crouching, jumping etc, so it is always taking the shortest route from A to B right now. This is on the to-do list as it means right now every bot that wants to go to the same place will basically form a conga line.

How do you encourage the Podbots to mix up their routes? I'm thinking of having path finding configurable so you can set an urgency: the higher the urgency the closer they will stick to the shortest route. However, I need to come up with a decision making process that still takes logical paths to a destination without taking pointless detours (I intend to set up a separate process for random patrols, if the bot hasn't got any particular goals).

The other thing I need to do is optimise: on a complex NS map, finding a path that crosses the entire map takes around 2 seconds on a second generation i3 CPU, on an old laptop from 2010. Splitting pathfinding into separate threads will stop it interfering with the main game, but I want to get it down to less than a second. I'm not too concerned right now as I have done NO optimisation at all yet, so there is loads of room for improvement.
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