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[Req] iam need to your help for chat bots
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Default [Req] iam need to your help for chat bots - 30-08-2014

None of the [REPLIES] does not work.
Sample :
hi %s
slm %s
hi : )

han/: D
: |

and .....
I've also adjusted the pb_chat 1
The chat works,Like the [KILLED] , [BOMBPLANT] , [DEADCHAT].
How to fix [REPLIES] ?
How many shoes chat much more when I'm dead ?
I topic for the first case study, but I do not know
How do we work such hours are 1 to 12 number 4 Bot time is 12 to 24 8 to bot?(Using the server's time.)
This means that people who can not make a character play, 24-hour counter

Please Help Me.
Sorry For My Bad English
Thank You
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