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Re: pb menu doesn't work
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Default Re: pb menu doesn't work - 28-08-2012

Have You been reading this:
Originally Posted by KWo View Post
Yeah - it must be a text file. The mine just look so:

console "1"
exec graphic.cfg
exec blood.cfg

setinfo "_amx_pw" "my_amx_password"

setinfo "_pbadminpw"  "my_pb_mm_password"
bind "=" "pb menu"

setinfo "_yapb_pw"  "my_yapb_password"

exec buy.cfg
These bolded lines are related to podbot mm. As You can see from autoexec.cfg You can call other *.cfg files (if needed).
Make sure Your autoexec.cfg file isn't autoexec.cfg.txt (windows by default hides extensions for most known files types - You can unhide them in Windows Explorer's settings - Tools -> Folder Options -> View).
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