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Re: About the button flags and Lifts/elevators
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Default Re: About the button flags and Lifts/elevators - 27-04-2004

Hm, let me see if I got it right. Here's the way I understood it:
Ok, so let's say we have an elevator with buttons outside, and this elevator is in its lower position by default. If I wanted to waypoint this elevator for bots, those would be the steps:

1) Add a waypoint (A) with button flag in front of the elevator (does this WP have to be close to the button or just somewhere in the area?)

2) Walk into the elevator and add a WP with lift flag there (B), with A and B being connected w/ each other.

3) Go up with the elevator, add one more WP (C) with lift flag, and establish a two-way connection with (B). The "cache WP" function is meant to be used in situations like this, isn't it? ('Cuz I can't see B when I'm at C, which means I can't just point at it and connect)

4) Step out of the elevator on top level, add a WP with button flag outside (D), and connect it with C. (same question as in 1)... )

Is that it, did I miss something or did I get it all wrong?

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