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adding & deleting pathwaypoints by "pointing"
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Default adding & deleting pathwaypoints by "pointing" - 27-04-2004

This is for the April 25 release of POD-bot2.6mm

There is no longer the possibility to add or delete waypoints or pathwaypoints by using the console.
the commands:pathwaypoint delete/add or pwp add/del no longer work.

they have been replaced by a system of pointing at a waypoint and chooseing menu options to add pathwaypoints 1-way outgoing,1-way incoming, or both directions, and to simply delete them one by one.

This is very sensative, so you will have to spend time with it to get used to its "quirks"

Sometimes 2 waypoints will be ligned in the direction you are pointing and will add to the one you are not meaning to add to........ich which case you simply delete.

I have found it often best to move sideways...into the waypoints radius(especially on ladders!) and duck down, then point and add or delete(moving the mouse incircles arounf the waypoint can help as well here if it doesnt work imediately). if its not doing it then, make sure you are in front of the waypoint you are on and not behind it. if its not working right, aim more to the left of it, it seems that aiming to the left gets it more often than not. if that fails, i go to the other WP that i am trying to add or delete a pathwaypoint to/from and try it from there and it usually works then.

In some rare cases even this might not function (rare) but there is a new function in the options menu of the Editors menu system that allows you to "cache", or save a waypoint to memory. once this waypoint is in the can go to another waypoint.....and simply press add or delete how you like and it will all be directed at this cache'd waypoint. the cache stops after a command has been used on it.

this is especially useful for waypointing elevators, and you cant see the waypoint because of large distances or because the elevator itself is in the way.

its still faster than typing all the numbers in on all those deletes.....because i still do things in 2 minutes that surely would have taken 10.

One note:
to avoid doing a lot of pathwaypoint deleting of unnecessary connections, use the very useful Autopath Max distance menu options.
say you want a camp spot in a corner:

place a regular waypoint near the corner where you want the camp spot.
then set the autopath max distance, use option 2 or 3 in the autopath max distance menu(thats 100 units and 130 units respectively), and then place your camp waypoint........this waypoint will only connect to a waypoint within this range. this also works wonders on waypointing ledges above other waypoints. I even often turn off the the autopath by using option 1 in the Autopath max distance menu, and manually add the paths by hand afterwards to ensure no bad connections to waypoints below......sometimes a waypoint that is just off the edge of a ledge will get an incoming connection from a waypoint below. but with reduced max distance......thats not going to happen so you have less time spent on pathwaypoint deleting

hope this clears up a lot.

a well binded waypointer is a fast and efficient waypointer. see the other sticky thread in this subforum for some good waypoint binds by me or Huntkillaz

they will increase your waypointing speed by at least 60%

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