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Default Re: progress - 11-09-2019

I have an additional info for you. For some reason, when playing with 4 bots at the same time (including Sandbot too), it seems Sandbot's appearance has an unique effect for another bots.

Look at this screenshot. They are just regrouping for unknown reason without attacking each other at all. Furthermore, all bots who normally great in battle, now they are just roaming around carrying weapon without shooting at other players.

Due to this weird behavior, I can win the battle easier than usual. Because when Sandbot joins, another bots will become so uncompetitive than normally. For comparation, you can see this two results :

This is my battle result BEFORE Sandbot joins (you can see if our score has a little gap)

And this is my battle result AFTER Sandbot joins (they were become mindless moron, I guess)

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