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Re: New Layout Update
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Default Re: New Layout Update - 14-11-2004

Yup it's high time to do something. Argh.
I have a few comments: (in red)
Originally Posted by Huntkillaz
possible drop down menus????? top right corner menu <-- needs a bit of PHP coding, i.e. requires some time for doing it, but possible. What would you want this menu to be ? Quick access to every forum or something else ?

[ index.php: ]

Important Read First <-- /me likey

The Agora
nice separation but is there really that much traffic in the Agora to require several subforums ? What's good with the current layout (no subforum) is that all the active topics are immediately visible on one page. If we had several subforums we'd have to check them one after the other.
  • General
  • Polls <-- but having a special polls subforum is definitely a good idea.
  • Sugesstions \Ideas
  • Report Problems
YappA (Disccuss\Help Stuff)
nice separation
  • Half Life and Halflife 1 mods
  • Half life 2, Source & Source Games
  • Steam <-- does this really require a subforum ?
  • Other Games\Mods
  • Offtopic
  • Spam (junk post thread stuff get deleted after some months?) <-- what's the point of this one ?
Counter Strike Bots
like T Wrecks I think we should let the bot forums layout the decision of the bot makers. But separating them into categories is good IMO.
  • PODBot MM (A similar layout applies to all bots?)
    • General
    • Bug Reports
    • Coding
    • Suggestions\Ideas
    • Common Questions
  • RealBot
  • JoeBot
  • YaPB Bot
  • E[POD] Bot
Half Life Mod Bots
  • GrogBot
  • ShrikeBot (2 Mods)
  • Grave Bot (2 Mods)
  • HPB Bot (Multi Mod)
  • RC Bot? (Multi Mod)
Other Games\Mod Bots
  • Fritz Bot
Dead (No Longer Developed\Updated) Bots
  • Ivp Bot
Under Developement Bots\ModsGames
  • Racc Bots
  • United Bot
  • Obsesssion Software Ltd
Enhance Your Gaming
  • Mean
  • Metamod + Plugins
  • Scripting <-- you're thinking of AMX ? if yes, then okay...
  • Others
Forging Digital Worlds
/me agrees
  • Mapping
    • HL1
    • HL2
    • Other
  • Modeling
    • HL1
    • HL2
    • Other
  • Waypointing
    • PODBot MM Wp Format
    • PODBot n Clones Wp Format (PB v1.0-2.5/YaPB/IvPB/EPB )
    • Auto Node (Realbot)
    • Navmesh (Racc)
    • Other
very nice
  • Bot Servers
  • Server Admin Help
  • Web Based Server Tools
Developers Farm
  • Bot and Metamod Coding
  • C/C++/HTML/JavaScript/PHP coding
  • Docmentation,Imaging <-- what's the point here ? a doc is always specific to a particular project, hence must go in that project's forum, no ?
  • Sdk Discussions
    • Half Life 1 Sdk
    • Half Life 2 Sdk
    • Others Sdk
other than that, very good. Ah, but we'll finally end up with something potable !

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