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Re: New Layout Update
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Default Re: New Layout Update - 14-11-2004

The layout looks fine now. I say we do it. If the layout can be changed now, it can be changed again if someone finds out a major disadvantage.

Concerning the bot sub-forums, I would leave that decision to the bot coders. If they see fit, they can split their forum into more sub-forums, if they don't, they just let it be. Besides, for less visited bot forums, splitting into sub-forums would mean more sub-forums than threads, which is a bad structure IMHO.

Don't forget the visitor side of the whole affair: At least in the respective bot forums, guests will feel more "at home" if the layout isn't too different from what it used to be.
And if, for example, JoeBot users think that the JoeBot forum layout sucks, they can always discuss that right there, and eventually ask Asp to change something.

As for the waypointing forum: Once again, think about our visitors. What do they care about angles, vectors, different values stored into files, format discussions etc...? They care about having a waypoint file that friggin' works as perfectly as possible. And I think we agree that having a PB 2.5 WP for PB 2.6mm isn't as good as having a PB 2.6mm one, right?
Besides, the editor also has an influence on the waypoint files, as it allows WPers to implement things that would be so insanely work-intense with the old WP editor that NO Pb 2.5 WP takes advantage of them.
Not to forget the different use of button flags, and the new lift flag...
I say keep them separate.

Strictly speaking, there is no format difference. But for the user, there IS a difference. And the forum is for other users... or isn't it?

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