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Suggestion for CSDM 2.1.3d by KWo
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Default Suggestion for CSDM 2.1.3d by KWo - 13-01-2017


First off, I did not know the best place here to post a request for CSDM 2.1.3d made by KWo. So forgive me if I'm in the wrong section.
I could have posted it @ but last post of KWo dates from 06-17-2014!
Posting there seems useless since my request is addressed to KWo who isn't replying to questions for almost 3 years.

Ok so I installed the already mentioned version of deathmatch & it works perfectly fine.
But I have a suggestion I would like to see implemented.
When I have set the autoitem flags "a" & "h", everybody receives armor ( aka kevlar ) & helmet.
But I want to have the bots NOT being equipped with this.
Removing the flags "a" & "h" from autoitems menu & set the flag "a" to the equip menu ( there is no "h" flag at the equip menu ) gives players the option of playing with or without it:
1. Yes, armor up
2. No Armor

But this goes for bots too. In other words there are bots having kevlar/helmet and bots who don't ( since the bot randomly chooses ).
Inside csdm.cfg I can restrict primary and secondary weapons at the [botprimary] & [botsecondary] but no option for kevlar/helmet.
Changing pb_restrequipammo ( podbot.cfg ) isn't an option since that is for buying only, not for selecting ( using for example CSDM ).

Talking about normal gameplay: If bots carry weapons and you activate knife mode, the bots will only use their knife but will still carry a weapon ( unless they've been all restricted to buy in podbot.cfg ).
What I wanna say is that kevlar/helmet is being used automatically once it's being equipped upon a player.

So my question is: Can you add for example


Depending on what you CAN put there.
For example; making buy-binds you need to have the exact weapon/equipment string ( is that the correct word? ) in order to make the bind working.
I dunno if the same goes for the weapon names found inside csdm.cfg but I think you know this better than me.

If it ( kevlar or kevlarhelmet ) is there, the bot can choose between
1. Yes, armor up
2. No Armor
If it ( kevlar or kevlarhelmet ) is not there, this item is restricted so the bot can not choose option 1, forcing it to use option 2.

Make sure autoitem isn't somehow overwritten.
When you set "a" & "h" flags at autoitem & the kevlar/kevlarhelmet isn't present in [botequip], bots must still receive it. In other words autoitem flags being the dominant settings.
Also make sure it only affects bots, not humans. The same as you did for [botprimary] & [botsecondary] which also doesn't affect human players.

As a final question: What does the equip menu flag "a" ( ; a - armor ) stand for?
Only armor
Armor & helmet?
In other words, choosing "1.Yes, armor up" gives the player only armor or armor & helmet?

Perhaps you can change the in-game equip menu to look like this?
1. Only armor
2. Armor & helmet
3. No thanks

Maybe you can also change the word helmet from the autoitem menu into "armor & helmet" or "armor/helmet" since you are unable to buy/receive only a helmet in cs1.6, using CSDM or not.
Setting "h" as autoitem flag automatically gives the player armor as well.

So bottomline of this final question/proposition: Autoitem flags can be configured to be set only armor.
Equip menu flags, currently, are not.
Can you change this? Example: no need to add "h" flag to equip menu, only change the in-game menu.

P.s.: @ anyone who reads this message and is able to contact KWo in any other way than I am, please do so!
I could have sent a PM to him but the last time he was online was more than half a year ago. Who knows when the next time is he will log in or look at this forum.
Posting this as a thread gives the ability for everyone to see this message and, in case of a PM, not only KWo.

Thanks in advance!

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