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Default Re: Navigation using AABB - 01-05-2017

I have fixed up the zig-zagging a little bit by smoothing the path, and I have done some work on steering. I have also added some post-processing of the path once it's generated to make the path easier to follow. For example, drops (red path lines) no longer go straight down, and the bottom of ladder paths are placed further away so the bot doesn't accidentally get caught on the sides of climbable surfaces.

I have also modified the way the bot detects obstacles to strafe around them to take wall-climbing into consideration, so a bot can still strafe to avoid obstacles even when running vertically up a wall.

Below is a video of a Skulk bot navigating ns_tanith. There are some issues to work out still (you can see the bot get a little stuck here and there), but for the most part the bot seems pretty solid in getting from A to B, and it will take any path available. Still plenty of work to do though! The main thing is that the bot almost never gets completely stuck, it usually unsticks itself within a few seconds, so for the most part they are nimble enough to potentially provide a challenge.

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