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Default Re: Navigation using AABB - 21-04-2017

Originally Posted by The Storm View Post
It's funny to see how the bot looks down when is reaching a connection, I had the same issue with E[POD]bot long time ago. :}

Btw, you should add some radius to the path so the bot will move smoothly and if the place is too small just set the radius to zero. The Podbot based bots have code when you are using the autowaypointing option each waypoint is placed with as some radius depending on the place. In this way if you have multiple bots following the connection the chances to collide are much smaller and the movement will look more smooth.
Hah, yeah the looking down is just because the movement code is really primitive right now. The logic is basically that if the bot has a path to follow then set forward speed to max and look at the next node in the path, which are placed near the floor.

I have already re-integrated my previous code which makes the bot look as far along the path as possible, so if they are climbing some stairs they will look at the top of the stairs for example, and it now uses strafing to make a much more natural type of movement.

The radius idea is interesting, one idea I want to investigate later is subdividing sectors when a moving object (e.g. a player) moves through it, thus allowing them to be included in pathfinding calculations. That's waaaay down the line right now though.

Going to look at smoothing out the paths now so there's less zig-zagging involved.
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