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A big bug and some other small bugs
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Default A big bug and some other small bugs - 31-03-2008

I've found, what I think, a major bug within the latest podbot:

1) A bot survives the round with a weapon, starts the next round with the same weapon, begins to walk through the map, faces an enemy, shoots 2 bullets ( or any other small amount of bullets ) remaining in the clip of the previous round, resulting the bot being killed by his facing enemy.
Maybe they should be forced to reload at the start of a round and then buy their equipment ( maybe that forms a problem with weapons that only have 1 clip left and less then the full amount of bullets for that clip; cause then you can't reload unless you buy ammo first )
*exception of a weapon with 1 FULL clip left, you even can't reload after buying ammo cause the clip is allready full.

Then some smaller bugs:

2) Walking into choke points with their knive while any moment an enemy can appear so they get killed cause they loose time by switching from knive to primary weapon; mostly resulting in death.

3) Walking backwards coming from behind a corner is also pretty much seen and not very human-like ( happens a lot in the small corridor of de_dust2, going from the middle to bombsite A )

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