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Re: Two problem of a WolfMP map's :)
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Default Re: Two problem of a WolfMP map's :) - 23-09-2009

You are welcome.

Taking the .nav from FritzBot for RTCW I experimented with once. There are a lot of edits needed, and if the map conversion is not exactly in the same place (same origin etc), then the number of edits becomes too many to do manually. You also need a hex editor to bash a couple of bytes in the .nav file. Anyway, Since I have already placed all the navigation nodes (while walking through et_dam_b1, reviewing it), I would not save any time really using a converted waypoint file.

(But I may still do a file-conversion just for reference to find if Denny's action nodes are where I would place them.)

Most of the delay in getting out waypoints is the testing, testing, and more testing.
- A map like this takes me about 2-3 evenings for a playable work in progress (WIP).
- Then a week or so to tweak it and add more route nodes.
- Then 2 more weeks of balance testing before I might think it comes close to beta quality.

But I have another waypoint request that is pending already.

Next month Geocities closes so my personal page to leave WIP quality waypoints for people to try will be gone. And Filefront has deleted my stuff already. So any work I do in future will need to be completed to beta quality. I don't want to use bots-united for anything less that beta quality in attachments (the number of attachments they will let me store here must be limited I think). And the filebase should be reserved for waypoint packs of release quality.
User Ancient has a site but again I don't want to use it for anything less than beta or release quality.

So I should find some time to finish what I started on et_dam_b1 only after I get the third Waypoint Pak out (almost there, 32+ maps, half unrelated to previous packs), and finish a private request waypoint to WIP. Hope you don't mind the wait.
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