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Re: PodBot Problems with Chat
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Default Re: PodBot Problems with Chat - 04-03-2013

Originally Posted by Santo View Post
That's really sad bro..your botchat.txt it's working ?!
The default botchat.txt is working. Just tested few hours ago. What are condition to see the reply when You are talking to them:
1. You and at least one bot (no matter what team) is dead.
2. You are using say command (not say_team).
3.The keyword is written in botchat.txt in capitalize (UPPER CASE).
4. pb_chat is set to 1.

Try first change this:
@KEY "admin"

// Assign how talkative this Bot will be
pBot->SaytextBuffer.fChatDelay = RANDOM_FLOAT (10.0, 20.0); // KWo - 02.03.2010
pBot->SaytextBuffer.cChatProbability = RANDOM_LONG (40, 100); // KWo - 31.03.2006[/code]

As You can see in that part of code above - the bot has a delay to repeat (random value 10 - 20 seconds) - to prevent flooding. That is also made so to have it human like (the human needs time to repeat - he never does it instantly). Another thing - the bot sometomes doesn't answer - if he doesn't like to do that. It comes from that second line (chatProbability). If that value is grater than random value 0-100 checked every time the answer should happen - the the bot asnwers. Otherwise - it doesn't answer. Those values above are calculated while the bot is created.
I hope now You get the full answer. Sorry for delay.
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