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Default Re: help! - 21-06-2009

Try re-installing.

• If you have the actual GOTY edition version of RtCW then patch the game as follows:

-install patch v1.33 - v1.40 - link -
-install patch v1.40 - v1.41 - link -
-install patch v1.41 - v1.41b - link -

• If you have the NON-GOTY version of RtCW:

-install official GOTY map-pack (v1.33) - link -
-install patch v1.40 - link -
-install patch v1.40 - v1.41 - link -
-install patch v1.41 - v1.41b - link -

• Here is the RtCW Fritz Bot mod v0.54b (plus Media Pack and mp_assault fix) - link - 13.5MB

• Install the custom maps you want to play.
(one thing to note, just because in the menu it gives you custom maps to play, you still MUST install these manually)

For control of the BOTs, this is what I find the best. I'll assume you know how to roughly set up a server and understand server and client .cfg files. I'll also assume you have read the fritzbot readme files and understand that if you're playing this mod from your ingame menu that you are both server and client.

• go to your server's fritzbot\configs folder
-open *map*_bots.cfg files with NotePad
-edit to your liking, eg. I have mine only have one engie per side and control numbers with keybinds, see below

• Add the following to your server config:

seta bot_enable "1"
seta bot_skill "2"
seta bot_aimskill "1"
seta mal_motd "nedd is hot"
-edit to your liking
bot_skill - a value between 1 and 3 (1 = EASY, 3 = HARD)
bot_aimskill - 1-4, 4 = nightmare
mal_motd - onscreen message when joining server

• Add the following to your client config:

rconpassword "your_rcon_password"
bind a "rcon addbot"
bind b "rcon kick allbots"
bind c "rcon bot_pause 1"
bind d "rcon bot_pause 0"
-add your rcon password in the your_rcon_password section (keep "")
-change a,b,c,d to what ever you like

The above setup is quite effective.

Let us know how you go.
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