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Re: Okay it's Done (to Mal & Ghost)
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Default Re: Okay it's Done (to Mal & Ghost) - 21-02-2005

Originally Posted by Maleficus
I don't want to tie a specific action to a specific bot tho - I was going to do that originally, but I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I want actions to be "suggestions", not "orders".
I can see your point, but I also think that bot specific "orders" would make waypointing maps for realistic team play much easier. I also think that it would further differentiate your bots from others; especially on dual objective maps like Den of Lions and Depot where defense for bots was always very poor with wolfbots. I guess that selecting spawn points also fits into the equation on dual objective maps.

I guess an additional cfg file would be needed for the maps that included:


Bot_name <botname>
defend_node <node number>
spawn_location <location> //choices auto, axis, allied

Of course defaults would be the current system of action priorities that you have, but to have an ability to further define the roles of individual bots would be great. But if you're too scared to do that, I understand j/k

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