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Re: Latest Version of E[POD]bot
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Default Re: Latest Version of E[POD]bot - 15-10-2006

Latest version!

E[POD]bot v5.3 Windows Linux Source Code
  • FIXED: Replies chat.
  • FIXED: Dedicated Server commands(now they work like that epb_command and no more need by "")
  • FIXED: Bots teleportating at vector (0, 0, 0) on Linux servers.
  • FIXED: Bots Adding/Removing system.
  • FIXED: EPB randomly crashes.
  • UPDATED: Reworked the task system.
  • UPDATED: Reworked desire calculation.
  • UPDATED: Code now is more ISO C++ compatible.
  • ADDED: BotAim2.
  • ADDED: Waypoints for de_piranesi for CS 1.5

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