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Autovacate faulty?
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Default Autovacate faulty? - 17-11-2015

Hello I've just installed your YaPB v2.7.1.4217 on my CS 1.6 Linux server and noticed my bots won't leave to reserve the slots for when human players join. I tried altering the yb_quota_match to 1 and the yb_quota_match_max 10 as well switched autovacate off. But I don't know if that was supposed to happen. I want my bots to leave when I set "max_bot 10" (old HPB_Bot style) and allow human players to displace them when they join by the time there is 10 human players, I would hope all bots as that max of 10 will leave completely, but I don't know if those settings will work. I don't know if your Linux binary needs a quick fix I also tried using rcon yb_quota_match 10 and it seems like those 10 bots who instantly appear is ignoring the autovacate cvar by the looks of it. Is this not supposed to happen?

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