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Unknown command: grogbot_men
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Default Unknown command: grogbot_men - 06-01-2006

Hey, just installed your bots ( or atleast i think so )

First it wouldnt load the map, just crashed - then i found a fix for it in your forum, so thats working now.

But i can't add the bots,it's just like they dont exist, i can read in the console-menu that it loads all the amx mods and so on, so the bots should be in the right place.
( C:\Games\steam\SteamApps\\half-life\pvk\GrogBot )

But when i type: grogbot_menu in the console or use "h" it says Unknown command.

Do you have a fix for this? Or did i do something wrong

** I have tryed to reinstall it twice but same resualt, it's the only mod i have for Half-Life, dont play HL (1) so much more, but PVK is so cool, just sux that ppl don't know that! **

Btw. It's very cool that you're still working on this mod, I remember the good old days where servers with helms deep where full! Keep the work up m8

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