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Default Re: Working on a game... - 28-10-2006

I haven't been idle - simply been reworking the editor to comply with a change in idea on how to handle terrain. Blending layers is slow compared to using one large texture, so I'm going with the large texture. Several ideas came to me on getting it to fit nicely into video ram - unfortunately the best one I came up with I think happens to be what Megatextures are all about. I'll probably get around to that one day - but for now, a 4096x4096 texture compressed to about 8MB + appropriate mip map levels is where I'm headed. Maybe combine it with a random noise detail texture...hmm...
Anyway, if anybody wants I hope to have a (very) basic, undocumented terrain editor in a usable state on monday. Just for fun.

mirv the Silly Fish.
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