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Default Re: YaPB2 Updates - 14-01-2016

Originally Posted by ViBE@ View Post
damn, it was an early bird. sometimes they don't leave. so sadly not :/

special names? you mean i need to create "lang_names.cfg" file? cause it's already done. with the last stable release this function partially but worked. when they connected it took about 8-10 secs to get their ping and sometimes disappeared. with the debugging version this is completely dead.

generally all weapons are available in gunmenu (with CSDM's /guns command). but i wanted to restrict them to use for example AWP with YaPB built-in command but they still can choose. is this normal behaviour? my settings:
yb_restricted_weapons "00000000000000000000011101"

sometimes only some bots leave but they stuck or what and stop leaving. for example i set 12 bots with autovacate. then 4 human arrive and only 2 bots leave. and then they stop leaving when players arrive.
damn... well will try tomorrow again..

bot's should be affected by amxx restrictions (amx_restrweapons).
yb_restricted_weapons has different format f.e. yb_restricted_weapons "ak47;m4a1;etc"

the names.cfg should contains nickname\t\tcommunity_id pair. where \t - tab character.

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But, someone reporeted that valve disabled this feature in recent steamclient updates.