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Re: Version 5.50.13 (SOURCE CODE)
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Default Re: Version 5.50.13 (SOURCE CODE) - 21-06-2004

Originally Posted by dead bwoy
Very nice!

Adding support for new bots:
So far I've been going through MA_bot.cpp and MA_bot.h adding support for new bots/combos. What other files are of most importance while adding support for a new bot?
A word of caution, the "combo's" of allowing two bots to co-exist has its problems as some bots get messed up thinking each other are their own. This is where some standards are needed to allow different bots to co-exists in harmony.

czero's dll should work since it's mp.dll, but is there any folder references to the location of that dll?
I havn't been able to locate any info of that sort in the code thus far...
Look in MB_InterfaceL1.h all the references to folders are in there.

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