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Re: hi , i have some question :d
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Default Re: hi , i have some question :d - 12-12-2010

thank you ,the storm ,i 'm so sorry for disturbing you
1. i don't know why when editing waypoint with pobotmm and open it by e[pod]bot , the normal camping waypoint (the camping waypoint for both t and ct team-which i created with podbotmm) becomes green ,so i can't know which is normal waypoint ,which is camping waypoint to re-edit if i don't stand at this waypoint ,as we know there are so many normal waypoint (green waypoint) ,so we can't stand at all waypoint to know

have you encounter or have an experience like this ?
2. podbotmm have the teleport camp command ,which can teleport us to camping waypoint, do you remember if there is a command like this with e[pod]bot ?
3. do you know a program to convert podbotmm waypoint to e[pod]bot waypoint?
ps : thank you for all , congrats for the good job .again ,i 'm sorry

Thank you , mard for the experience,i always do as you, place lots of waypoint for precise,
when editing podbotmm waypoint with E[pod]bot, do you encounter the problems i said above ? do you have tips for that ?
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