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Sands of War 2 beta 1.1 released!
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Default Sands of War 2 beta 1.1 released! - 02-03-2006

Installer fixed
The first released installer contained a bug which now has been fixed. The bugged file was called sow2beta11.exe while the right one is called sow2beta11final.exe.

The updated and working installer is now ready for download in the download section. Go grab it now!
Our download system still got some minor problems with certain mirrors, but our webmaster is working hard on making it work with all kind of links.

In case you got the bugged installer then you can follow this great thread by Scott:
It will tell you how to easily fix it.

SoW2 beta 1.1 released
After some months of development we are now releasing the next beta of Sands of War 2 as planned.

Among the best new features in this release is a new map called SoW2_Abandoned, which you could see in our last newspost. This new map is of a very nice quality and all of the existing maps have also been improved.

The focus of this release has been polishing and bug fixes. Our first public beta was released quite early in the development, so it logically contained a number of bugs. With this new release we have fixed a lot of those.

Mirrors and servers
We got enough mirror sites now, but you are still welcome to contact Zacker or Necsus on the forum with further mirrors.

The Deadclan already got a beta 1.1 server up. IP is in case you can't find it. We would like to encourage people to open more.


- New map: SoW2_Abandoned
- Included custom textures for mappers
- Updated map Ra_Rally: New prefix, gameplay tweaks and visual improvements
- Updated map SoW2_Omnicron: Lots of details added
- Updated map SoW2_Fort: Improved visuals
- Flag shadows do now animate
- Updated GameInfo.txt to improve server behavior(Thanks DJMcTom)
- Removed some unused server options

Bug fixes:
- Fixed Autoselect team
- Fixed the footstep sounds and other missing sounds
- Fixed a few missing language entries
- Fixed team names not showing up on the scoreboard
- Fixed a bug causing the game to show up a little darker than intended
- Fixed issue with level changes(Thanks Deadscott)
- Fixed problems with game title
- Fixed player models not showing up

Michael 'Zacker' Schmidt
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