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Yet This Is nOt Just Another Pod-Bot
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Default Yet This Is nOt Just Another Pod-Bot - 14-10-2011

This CS bot rocks!!!
Just made a little bot tourney of almost all CS bots available here that still works on current metamod 1.19 version and CS 1.6.
Pics and some vids I will post soon!

But here's some statistics so far hehe...

Bot Battle 2011

maps used...de_tool (it's my map I made ions ago hehe), de_dust, de_dust2 and cs_assault
2-3 min roundtime
15 vs 15
10-11 rounds
95-100 bot level

CZ-bot terrorist VS PodBot-MM CT ...a very close battle.
Winner PodBot-MM.......winnig 6 rounds in 11 round battle.

CZ-bot Terrorist VS YAPB CT
Winner....YABT...WON 11 rounds no loss!!!

CZ-bot CT vs PodBot-MM Terrorist
Winner....CZ-Bot 10 win and 1 lost

CZ-Bot CT vs YAPB Terrorist
Winner......YAPB 10 win no loss!!!

Basically YaBP beating Pod-Bot mm, CZ-bot and E[POD]bot to a pulp lol no lost at all!!!

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