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Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles
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Default Re: HPB Bot for Gunman Chronicles - 03-12-2012

Thanks for an answer! I thought this forum was abandoned.

Yeah HPB is open source, that's why we've tried to edit it, however it appears to be alot to edit.

And well, that isn't me who posted that in AlliedModders, but that's my friend. He said that AlliedModders could help, but with that answer I turned to Bots-United and asked, however until now no answers ^^

And yeah, it requires some bot coding knowledge / C++ understanding, it's easy to find parameters that are relevant to compatibility to the mod, however what everything does, is difficult.

The reason we're trying with metamod is because we want them on our servers, as mentioned we have a small community with about 15 players so far, and adding some bots for some relaxed shooting wouldn't be too bad

So I don't know, I can try the right RCBot version, just to see if it would work better without metamod. Cheers.

Also, I was gonna try to contact Cheeseh or make a forum post, however I got lost and I couldnt find how to, I spent maybe 5-10 minutes looking for how to get contact or post, so if you know how it would be very appreciated if you helped!

Thanks for the reply, I'll come back and post if the RCBot attempt didn't work/worked.

- ZonixZ
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