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Re: news from the weirdo
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Default Re: news from the weirdo - 03-11-2004

Well since several people are asking me for it I have found the time to pack the whole RACC stuff in one big zip file which I am currently uploading to my site.

I have not spent one hour, though. I have removed useless stuff && too experimental things, and fixed one or two oddities. It DOES compile, but I make no guarantees on whether it will run or not. It's much more than a work in progress, it's a test lab, and a complete mess in some places (like the navigation). But I think some parts of the code might be useful to other bot makers.

It has plenty of server commands
type "racc help"

When it's uploaded you can get it from the filebase.

here it is:

RACC home - Bots-United: beer, babies & bots (especially the latter)
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