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Default news from the weirdo - 22-10-2004

Well just so that you know why there seems to be no progress on RACC for a few months...

A few weeks ago I was saying that the release of the template 3 (with full navigation) was not far away, unfortunately it seems you'll have to wait a few months again
Getting things done in time in my real life work is becoming impossible these days, not counting the fact that restoring the BU server ate a lot of my time last week. I have a deadline for december (which was already reported from july) which I feel I am unable to meet as far as things are going.

To clarify, my real life work is programming. I've been hired by a small firm producing wooden doors and windows, nearly 6 months ago, initially to draw technical stuff with AutoCAD (because the boss knew I knew computing a bit and he neeeded someone for the job) but later on I convinced them to let me develop software for them. I already did a relatively big first app for them that saves them a lot of time, it tooke me a few months, but now they agreed to move on the bigger stuff, an app that will be the link between the windows the boss imagines on his desktop with a mspaint-like thingy and the automated production machines. Quite a big thing.

I'm under pressure until new year day at least, and will probably be a few weeks later too. Thanks God I have Bots United as an escape field

Back to RACC, I did not work on it for more than one month now, and I left it in such a state that it's a big mess inside. Lots of blocks commented out, quick and dirty coding, no commenting... I was still in the middle of navigational experiments and the bot looks much like a lab mouse at the moment. I'm not even sure it compiles anymore. This and that summing up, I'm not sure you can expect a release of anything before 3 months at least, for I'll have some hard time for sure getting my head wrapped around it again to take things back from the point I left them.

If you're interested in the source code in the meantime, I can send large parts of it to those who request it, but some parts, umm.... I'd like not to disclose yet, at least until I see how good/bad they turn out... and I sincerely hope they'll turn out good!

Anyway, I hope the HL2 SDK will be out when I'll be back to coding the bot. The work I've been doing regarding portability makes me think it'll be very easy to port it to HL2. If this happens, future developments will take place on this platform.

So, I was just putting this as a notice. Don't expect progress during the upcoming 3 months. Things might turn out better anyway. Who knows

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