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Bot playing time in A2S_Playerinfo
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Default Bot playing time in A2S_Playerinfo - 30-10-2012


Sorry I don't know if this idea was already discussed but it seems that no...

I think it's good to change the "Time connected" field in server info query and players info from server uptime to real time the bot joined server.

Everybody knows that nobody will join empty server. If you just started your server and it's new - nobody will join it.
In this case it's good idea to put bots: for example, pb_maxbots 4
when real player joins the server bot will be kicked. So, when 4 real players will be on the server there would be no bots, if somebody will exit, 1 bot joins. Perfect, isn't it?

If curious player views the information in the server browser and if he notices that the time is same for all players, he think that this is a fake redirect server and wont join it. It would be much better if he will see the real time when bot joined the server.

P.S. thank you for the ping.
P.S. 2. also it will be better if the bot will be "disconnected" but not "kicked" when changing pb_maxbots or numer players was changed
P.S. 3 sorry for my bad English
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